With Father's Day approaching, we were thinking about dads and what they like.  More than anything, dads the world over like to give us their advice in the form of "wisdom" or a "saying", and that got me thinking about all the dad's wisdom out there that has stuck with us over the years...wisdom that we will likely pass down to our own kids.  

So in celebration of dads all over, we invite you to share your favorite dad's saying, quote, advice, or tidbit of his wisdom in the message field.  We will post submissions as we get them below, so check back often!  Go to our Wooldridge Jewelers Facebook page and vote for your favorite one before June 16th, and give us a 'like' while you're there.  You can only vote once, but you can get all your friends to vote too.  The person that submitted the comment with the most votes will win a $25.00 gift certificate towards any of our INOX men's line of jewelry!  This line is stainless steel, durable, edgy, and on sale (we've posted a few pics of our INOX items on Facebook already)!  

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1.  My dad always said I was the man.  Now that he's gone I realize he was the man, not me.  Miss you dad.

-Mike, Frankfort