The service at your store sir is Great!  Kind folks at every counter!  I've enjoyed my visit there, and you sir gave me a great deal on the ring set I got for my daughter for her wedding day.  I'm hoping to have enough points to win the game system for my son so he will have a Christmas this year.  I told Everyone on Facebook about YALLS great deals, and I hope they give my name...I've sure put your store out there cause y'all are good honest people!  I'm a disabled mama with 4 children and my baby girl's wedding has taken all my money, but the ring I bought at your store was a must for her so she would have something special from her mama.  No, I didn't have the money, but you made it happen, and that I'm very Thankful for...Me and my kids won't be able to have Christmas due to my daughter's wedding taking all my money, but I know in life you have to make decisions, and as a mama I had to do this for her.  Again, Thank you for serving Frankfort all these years...Have a Blessed Day! 




I just wanted you to know that my wife absolutely loved the anniversary ring you made for her!  Thank you for your attention to detail, professional staff, and for helping me to make a memory that will last a lifetime.




Had a diamond fall out of my engagement ring and they fixed it in one day.  Very happy, lots to choose from!




I love Glenn his wife and his staff at Wooldridge Jewelers. They are always so pleasant, friendly, professional and very amusing every time I go in there. Even if you are not in the mood to purchase, rest assured because of the camaraderie, skill and expertise of the employees you will return to make some type of purchase that will be an investment and well worth your while. They are the only jewelry store that I trust and recommend.

-Brenda Paynewhite

*** Thank you Brenda!  It's always a pleasure to see you.  Brenda is a licensed Notary in Kentucky, and we are happy to plug her business on our site.  To learn more about her, you can visit: http://nkaa.uky.edu/record.php?note_id=3162



Had a great experience with Wooldridge Jewelers! My wedding band is  beautiful and I couldn't have asked for better customer service.



Iā€™m so pleased with the beautiful anniversary ring purchased at Wooldridge Jewelers
I actually started searching on line at their website and found exactly what I was looking for.
I especially love the service and friendliness and if possible I prefer buying locally.
Thank you for getting the sizing completed by my anniversary!